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My childhood part 1

I had a really normal perfect childhood till I was 8. My dad got really sick and passed away so it was just me and my siblings and my super woman my mom ❤ A lot of things changed when my dad passed but my mom made sure we got everything we needed. At this age that’s when I learnt the difference between a want and a need and I’m  forever grateful. Being the last born in the family I’ve noticed how loving and supportive my brothers and sister are and for that I love them so much. We are four in our family that is two girls and two boys and I grew up mostly with my brother the 3rd bone which gives us a stronger bond.

Part 2 coming soon

Chocolate Box Sachertorte Drizzle Cake

As a chocolate cake lover I have to try this one


Transform a classic rich chocolate sponge into a showstopper by cooking it in 3 tins, layering it up, drizzling with chocolate ganache and piling on some special chocolates.

Chocolate Box Sachertorte Drizzle Cake The ultimate celebration chocolate cake

Chocolate Box Sachertorte Drizzle Cake

There’s a growing trend for tiered cakes – which I love.  Tiered cakes used to be saved for weddings – but not any more!  Thanks to Wilton’s Tiered Trio Round Pan Set (that I discovered on Ocado) you can make an impressive showstopper – that’s a more manageable size – perfect for any celebration  or birthday.  These cakes are 10cm, 15cm and 20cms  or (4inch, 6inch and 8 inch) in diameter.

I also love the trend for drizzle cakes – so this cake is smothered with a rich chocolate ganache for a simple and  stylish topping.

The final flourish is decorating the stacked cake with a selection of posh chocolates. Mine came…

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